Pain and Nerve Management
Pain and Nerve Management

So You Bought A Groupon... Please Read:

How, What and When Merchants are Paid

When making a purchase via Groupon, funds from that purchase is split 50/50, between the Merchant and Groupon. The Merchant does not receive any funds, until the voucher is redeemed by the Merchant.  Groupon disperses payments to their Merchants twice a month, depending on when the voucher is redeemed, it could take up to two weeks to receive payment for products/services that have already been received.

The Expiration Dates

The amount paid for this voucher ($40.00) with Massage Rx Therapy NEVER EXPIRES. The promotional value expires September 15, 2017.   What?  Wait... What?


The promotional value expiration date means, that if you do not redeem your voucher, prior to that date, the amount you paid will go towards the cost of goods or services, at the Merchants regular price or rate at any time. You're responsible for the difference.


Example:   You purchase a  60 minute massage for $40 via Groupon. Regular rate is $85. The promotional value expires September 15, 2017.  You call  to schedule your appointment on September 16,  2017, you will be expected to pay the Merchant the difference, which would be $45.


**Note**  The Merchant does not receive any funds from Groupon, if the purchased voucher for services are never redeemed, or if redeemed past the promotional value expiration date. Groupon keeps the entire amount.


Massage Rx Therapy’s Promo Value Expiration Policy


For whatever reason, if your scheduled appointment is after the promo value date, it is important that you communicate this, so that the voucher is redeemed prior to the expiration date. If you are scheduling by phone, please let us know at the time of scheduling.  If you are scheduling online, please use the “Contact Us” form located on this site, or email directly to:


If not, you will be expected to pay the difference prior to services being rendered. 


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!



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